Augmented + Virtual Reality

"Using Virtual Reality with Augmented reality is
unlike anything you've ever experienced."

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Virtual Reality with Motion Sensors

Imagine you are stepping into your future apartment, walking in all rooms, you will feel like you are really there. One second, what?, your wife didn't like the contemporary furniture? Just press one button and change your furniture to Mid-Century style.

Good News: Future is near!

Our R&D process has just finished! Now, we are using virtual reality headsets with augmented reality projection. Imagine that you will use your smart glass to see real world with augmented 3-D objects. You can be an early adopter and get discounts for this features for furniture staging, real estate, or any other purpose. Contact us for this chance

Best Graphics Quality

Pandora provides best graphic quality with great performance that a mobile device can perform. Integrating this technology with Virtual Reality Goggles, will provide incredible visual fidelity and an immersive, wide field of view.

How to Start ?

Process is easy, we only need 3-D drawings for your model. Your VR+AR software with motion sensors will be ready between 10-15 working days. We can also help with drawing high quality 3D Models for your products. Our experienced architect and designer team will help you to build your model from sketch. Learn more about our services

Your white label app will be ready to be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play in 7-10 days after we launch the application. We always make it look easy.

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