Furniture Staging Tool

"Virtual Furniture Staging Tool, offers an innovative way
for selling furniture, selling real estate and designing homes."

We make it easy to imagine your space with furniture.

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For Furniture Companies

For furniture companies, Pandora's solution offers an upgraded spec sheet technology. Customers can see a 3D Model of the furniture on their spec sheets and choose from available color and other options. Also they can place the spec sheet on the floor and see their furniture in actual size. Pandora's unique technology provides full detail on the texture and finish.

For Real Estate Agencies

We understand how challenging it is to imagine an unfurnished apartment might look without furniture. Your agents can have bunch of Virtual Furniture Sheets to place them on the floor and with the help of their mobile device, they can show the unit furnished, with the furniture of their choice.

Best Graphics Quality

With our smart optimization algorithm, we create best graphic quality that a mobile device can generate without losing 3D model's details. You can easily compare the 3D quality with hours of rendered pictures.

How to Start ?

Process is easy, we only need 3-D drawings for your model. Your furniture staging tool will be ready between 2-5 working days. We can also help with drawing high quality 3D Models for your furnitures. Our experienced architect and designer team will help you to build your model from sketch. Learn more about our services

Your white label app will be ready to be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play in 7-10 days.

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