We started Pandora with a startup spirit and a towering dream: to help people, visualizing their ideas, by creating new ways of presenting.

With development of the computer, we have seen the computer being used in all areas of life. As projects get more complicated, known presentation techniques become inadequate. We grew up watching Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and many more using holograms to communicate and present objects in the real World. It is 2015 and architects still use screen shot images to present their extremely detailed 3D model on computers.

We started Pandora to create an alternative.

By developing a smart optimization algorithm, we are able to provide high quality 3D reality just by using any mobile device. This means, we can bring any 3D computerized object to life in your living space.

Some people can imagine how an empty room is going to look after renovation or how their new dream sofa is going to look in their space, but some people can't. We believe that, everybody has right to visualize their dream and this is where we come in; we make it able for people to actually see their ideas come to life