Pandora ARchitect

"Pandora ARchitect , with all its capabilities,
is the next step for Architectural Presentations."

Next step for architectural presentations

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What is Pandora ARchitect ?

Pandora ARchitect provides an innovative and mobile way to present your building using Virtual 3-D modeling(Augmented Reality Technology). Instead of a costly and immobile physical architectural model, you can present your building on a regular piece of paper using any mobile device. Additionally, you can simply use the buttons on your screen to switch between exterior view, interior view, different floors and amenity areas. With usage of light we create Day/Night effects which you can't really generate in a physical architectural model.

Are you worried about your Old-Fashioned manager? No need to worry, we have it all-in. Your editorial information including videos, images or catalogs can be imported into our tool. It's a full-featured mobile marketing tool for architects

Best Graphics Quality

With our smart optimization algorithm, we create best graphic quality that a mobile device can generate without losing 3D model's details. You can easily compare the 3D quality with hours of rendered pictures.

How to Start ?

Process is easy, we only need 3-D drawings for your model. Your architectural presenting tool will be ready between 2-5 working days. We can also help with drawing 3D Models, rendering images, video renders. Our experienced architects and designers will help you build your model from scratch. Learn more about our services

Your white label app will be ready to be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play in 7-10 days.

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