Augmented Marketing

"Augmented reality powered marketing is one of the newer
form of a digital tactic that can enhance a campaign across multiple platforms."

Give your brochures, flyers and catalogues a life !

Watch it in action!

Make your marketing like magic

With Augmented Reality technology, your customers can try your products in their own environment before they buy. 3D model added to the physical products helps to engage customers with a product and works as an incentive to a quicker purchase.

You can incorporate Pandora experience into an advertisement which directs the user to the additional Web content, product video and coupons.

Retail is an attractive field to explore augmented reality because the results can be seen in real figures, with live feedback from the customers and viral exposure due to its novelty.

How to Start ?

Process is easy, we only need 3-D drawings for your model. Your augmented marketing tool will be ready between 2-5 working days. We can also help with drawing high quality 3D Models for your products. Our experienced architect and designer team will help you to build your products from sketch. Learn more about our services

Your white label app will be ready to be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play in 7-10 days. After we launch the application. We always make it look easy.

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